Living your passion through radio – a fulfilled career

Author Natalie Rabson for Boston Media House

Harry Seleke is living his dream. The Boston Media House Graduate works as a radio producer on a number of different shows ranging in topics from Travels with Kate Turkington, The Deep Dive with Brooks Spector, Dischem Medical Monday with Kathy Kaler and Beyond Governance with Dr Nimrod Mbele. He also produces the hugely popular Morning Mayhem with Howard Feldman at the only English-speaking Jewish radio station in the world.  Why did he choose radio as a career? Harry answers that, “I had a passion for radio since an early age, as it was the common mode of entertainment and news growing up. So, I always saw myself as part of the broadcasting and entertainment world, and had a goal to become an inspiration for the town I am from in the Free State.” 

  Harry graduated from Boston Media House in Sandton, where he made the most of his time and access to industry professionals. “It was amazing, I personally understood the importance of the school after graduating and realising that Boston offers different sectors in media that most institutions don’t as others only focus on one major field of study.  Yes, I would recommend it!” 

  Part of the Boston qualification requires students to complete WIL – Work in Learning, giving graduates real-time practical work experience. Harry completed his WIL as a sports news reader at a community radio station in the Free State called QwaQwa radio.

So what does his job entail? “My job entails finding high level guests from Ministers to CEO’s for the shows I produce especially the Morning Mayhem. What I love about my job – 

It keeps me on my toes, up to date and alert of global news making waves around the world.”

  We asked Harry what he enjoys least about his job, but this producer and DJ’s passion for his job and zest for life means he loves every aspect of his job – he just needs to work on the self-inflicted pressure that comes with the job!

  This great job comes with a very early start. Harry’s average day goes something like this: “I wake up at 4am to be in studio for Morning Mayhem which is daily from 6-9am. After the show I have a coffee break for an hour, then start working on getting guests for the Morning Mayhem and my other shows till I go home at 15h00. I still work more from home (my self-inflicted pressure) till 21:00 PM which is my bedtime.”

  Harry says that there are three important traits required in his position: Patience, Determination and having an open mind. He advocates that one needs training but also believes experience is essential for growth in his industry, “I would say experience is better than training as the media world is a constantly changing industry, so one has to apply his/her own experiences to not be left behind in the changes that are occurring. In training you only know what you have been taught and I personally think that limits the thinking in a person. In terms of the radio world I recommend a Media diploma/ degree majoring in radio studies.”

  Personality types that would enjoy his career are people who are open minded, always ready to learn, and obviously a happy bubbly personality as you will be dealing with different types of people.

  Every job has its challenges, and for Harry this was having to adjust to always be up to date with news, and working on the biggest show of the station. “This in less than a week at the job without many connections.”

  To those considering a career in radio, Harry says, “You must be passionate about radio or media studies as it is not an easy industry to get a breakthrough. Once you are in it’s a very broad informative world, you must start respecting time and prioritising what is important.”

  Boston has a philosophy of lifelong learning with which Harry concurs. “Personally, I would like to get a doctorate in media as it increases one’s chances of having higher positions in the field.”

  This producer is going places, watch this space!

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