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Finance Tips

Questions to ask about an overdraft facility

18 May 2018

If you are considering applying for an overdraft, but aren’t really sure how it works, there are important questions you should ask your bank,...

Four mistakes graduates should avoid when taking out a loan

30 April 2018

Many graduates who have a good credit profile often get carried away by the excitement of qualifying for a loan, while overlooking the risks...

FNB unveils a mobile bank account – eWallet eXtra

20 April 2018

First National Bank (FNB) announced the launch of eWallet eXtra, a mobile bank account that allows unbanked and under banked South African consumers to...

Common debit card misconceptions demystified

6 April 2018

Despite debit cards being the most common form of bank card used by consumers, there are still a number of misconceptions about the card...

Have a Personal Finance Day every month

3 April 2018

What is a personal finance day? “A Personal Finance day is a day set aside each month to sort out your personal finance needs....

A loved one has passed on… now what?

23 March 2018

It’s human nature not to want to think about death – your own or that of a loved one. But the consequence of not...

Money lessons are crucial for kids, teach them early

16 March 2018

FNB is taking part in commemorating Global Money Week (GMW) from 12 – 18 March, this is a global campaign in over 132 countries...

Key benefits of good debt

9 March 2018

Despite the negative connotations often associated with debt being bad for consumers, when used responsibly, debt can add significant value by helping consumers manage...

FNB heightens fight against debit order fraud

2 March 2018

In a bid to continue combating the scourge of rouge debit orders impacting the industry and some of its customers, FNB has waived the...