SAFA urges clubs to register with MYSAFA

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SAFA acting CEO Tebogo Motlanthe has voiced his support for the current MYSAFA club registration drive.

Since football was suspended owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the MYSAFA team has been collecting information on clubs to register them and assign FIFA Club IDs, as required by FIFA.

Motlanthe explained that when a player signs a first professional contract or transfers internationally, the clubs that trained the player from the age of 12 are due for training rewards.

“In the past only a tiny percentage of that money was paid to clubs,” he said.

He added that each year the gap between the compensation due to clubs and the actual amounts paid grows.

“In 2019 over US$300 million in solidarity mechanism payments alone, went unpaid. In 2021 the FIFA Clearing House will begin paying clubs training rewards directly, based on the club and player registration information in MYSAFA. FIFA’s new rules make it clear that only clubs registered in MYSAFA will be entitled to receive training rewards as from 1 January 2021. So it is critical that we use this time while football is paused to register our clubs with FIFA, via MYSAFA,” Motlanthe said.

MYSAFA has become a critical tool for advancing football development in SA. From 2021 about US$400 million will be paid annually to clubs worldwide via the FIFA Clearing House, and SAFA clubs will be at the front of the queue. With over 320 000 players and 2 000 clubs registered with FIFA, MYSAFA ranks number one among CAF member associations and 15th worldwide in FIFA IDs assigned.

Registration is free to clubs in good standing with their LFA. For more info send email to

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