Jozi@Work and contract workers to be insourced

After a successful meeting held with SAMWU, IMATU and Pikitup management, it was decided that some former contract workers and some former Jozi@Work employees will be insourced by the City.

These employees will see their earnings increase from R2200 to R6000 per month and be employed on a permanent basis. Contract workers to be insourced form part of a group who lodged a long standing employment dispute with Pikitup.

“While we are only able to accommodate 1400 of the total 3000 former employees, consisting of both Jozi@Work and 2010 contract workers, due to budget constraints from Pikitup, it must be noted that the issue is not with the number of people employed. Rather, our main priority is ensuring that fair remuneration and dignity is provided to these contract workers,” said Cllr Mashaba.


In advancing the process further, Pikitup will now apply for an exemption from the National Exemption Committee of the National Bargaining Council in order to allow for the insourcing of these former contract workers. In addition, the entity will also undertake a verification process of those who are to be insourced. This is a short-term intervention that is meant to give dignity and value in working for the residents of this city.

“I am happy that the unions have expressed their support for our efforts in bringing fair pay to workers within the City. I hope that they will maintain their support as we work to better the City. I am satisfied that our efforts have brought us all to consensus, given the City’s budgetary limitations,” concluded Mashaba.

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