A celebration of poetry

Philile Ntimbane

On every last Thursday of the month spoken-word poetry is celebrated at Soweto Theatre under the umbrella Poetic Thursdays.

  Poetic Thursdays celebrates poetry in its various forms as a tool of expression, packed with emotional content and gives a platform for established and upcoming poets to showcase their work. It features an open mic slot, guest DJs, live music and exhibitions by some of the most gifted artists in the country.

 The event is hosted by renowned poet and writer Poetic Justice.

  This month’s event falls on 31 October and headlines artists from all corners of the country and from all walks of life.

  Makhafula Vilakazi’s poetry is a fusion of Tsotsitaal, English, Zulu and Sotho, an uncompromising depiction of township life, exploring issues such as HIV/AIDS, unemployment and crime. He calls it ‘Kasie Poetry’.

  Vilakazi says his writing is inspired by striking similarities of life’s contrasts. His dedication to the upliftment of Black people is evident in his poetry. He does not shy away from pointing out the rot, but also reminds us that healing and all its processes are our own responsibility.

  His most recent showcase Concerning Blacks has gotten many tongues wagging and has led to another showcase Mandela is dead which premieres this October.

  Poet Sello Chokoe says to him, poetry is simply an expression of life as it happens. Having had an interest in writing and reading poetry since he was very young, Chokoe started writing in 2010 after spending every spare minute he could reading poetry and listening to poetry recitals. He has made a name for himself on platforms like Word N Sound, World of Words and the like.   

  Entsho Phuthi Lephasa Tsopia is a Sotho author and publisher. The Lesotho born poet says it’s important to keep writing in home languages as it does not only serve as national pride but it’s also how we return to our roots.

  His recently published collection Dithoko tsa seSotho explores current affairs both in Lesotho and South Africa, and has made quite a mark in the publishing industry and continues to soar.

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