Police conduct Covid-19 awareness drive

Uyapo Majahana

On Wednesday Hillbrow police embarked on a communication campaign to inform people about the importance of conforming to Covid-19 safety regulations.

  Police spokesperson Captain Musa Shihambe said they have noticed that some people disregard regulations that are meant to save their lives.

  “Some only wear face masks when they see the police. Sometimes we notice people drinking and sharing alcohol bottles, while others are seen sharing cigarettes. It is for your own good to wear masks and adhere to the prescribed regulations,” Shihambe said.

  When the police communications team got to Berea Park, some of the people fled, thinking that the police were there to arrest them. The police announced on loudspeakers that people should relax since they were there to talk to them.

  The 30 page Covid-19 educational booklets, distributed with assistance of the police, address the importance of prevention, enlighten about sanitizing products and inform on ways of handling the illness or its symptoms.  

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