Education dept warns about school bullying

Johannesburg – The Basic Education Department has said that learners and parents are reminded that bullying on or off school premises could result in suspension. 

  The department has urged teachers and school governing bodies to implement appropriate punishment for such behaviour.

  There have been videos of bullying in schools circulating on social media. Last year some school bullying was linked to multiple cases of suicide of learners under the age of 16.

  The department’s spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said the biggest challenge happens when learners fight outside school premises.

  “That is when ordinary community members need to play their part and stop violent tendencies among children of school-going age,” he said.

  Mhlanga added that bullying is a violation of the Constitution.

  “Schools are expected to take action, call the parent or guardian and discuss the matter, and suspend the child or children if it is necessary. School governing bodies are also expected to take a tough stance against violence of any type at schools,” he said.

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