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Zip Zap on demand at arts festival

Roxy Mitchell

The Zip Zap Social Circus shows are on demand at vFringe National Arts Festival until 31 July for as little as R50.

  An imaginative 30-minute production, Once Upon a Circus reveals the possibility of social transformation and youth empowerment through the circus arts.

  A real member of the Zip Zap circus family, Trompie, represents the array of youth whose lives have been transformed through their discovery of circus magic, affording them an opportunity to transcend their circumstances.

  Anticipate circus daredevils that jump, fly, and soar effortlessly through the air in gravity-defying aerials and spectacular acrobatics. Think of them as Picasso painting with bodies, as Newtown defying gravity, they are ordinary children doing extraordinary things.

  The beauty of these acts is reinforced by the simplicity of the apparel and the crystal voice of Robyn Botha.

  Journey Beyond – A Symphonic Circus is an extraordinary artistic collaboration between Zip Zap and the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, originally performed at the Artscape Opera House in 2018. 

  Viewers can expect a mesmerising musical and visual journey that pushes boundaries and reaches a crescendo of classical entertainment. The captivating beauty of these daring acts is performed in unison with stirring symphonic performances from Dvorak to Shirley Bassey, Vivaldi to Les Misérables.

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