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Women’s NPO extends help to needy families

Nodumo Makaza

The Makhox Women’s League NPO has extended help to families that are struggling with food under the lockdown.

  The organization has more than 120 000 followers on Facebook and is centred on helping people living with HIV by providing support, counselling, providing information to the community, especially the youth and unemployed.

  The NPO’s administrator, Sukoluhle Hlongwane says to date they have donated food hampers and second-hand clothing to more than 40 families in Johannesburg.

  “We have donated money from our own pockets so as to buy the food parcels; we also rely on well wishers. Since the beginning of lockdown we have seen an increase in the number of people who need help. We have more than 100 people who seriously need help but we can no longer afford since we don’t have donors. We have since encouraged our fans and community to help each other in their own capacity,” she said.

  She says the organization has also adopted families that now rely on them for food.

  “We have countless numbers of women daily, especially single women who are always asking for help. We also have families that we have adopted as an organization,” she said. 

  Ntokozo Tshabalala, a mother of two, says she lost her job when she became pregnant and Makhox has been helping her with baby clothes.

  “Makhox has helped me a million times with baby clothes. When I was pregnant I had no idea where I would get the clothes from. I lost my job due to my pregnancy as I was always sick. Currently I survive on handouts from friends; I have no close family and relatives nearby,” she said.

  Aggy Hove, a resident at Berea says her sister was diagnosed with cancer four years ago and Makhox has helped them with food parcels whenever they were stranded.

   The Makhox NPO relies on members of its WhatsApp group, HIV support group, neighbours and Facebook inboxes to identify people who are in need.

   Thobile Maphosa, a Makhox Facebook fan says she has benefited a lot from the advice she has been getting from the group. 

  “I have received emotional support from the women in the group whenever I am going through tough times. As women we use this group to support each other and get advice on marriages and life in general,” she said.

  The NPO has called on well-wishers to continue supporting their cause, so that they will be able to reach out to many people in need of assistance. 

  The NPO can be contacted on telephone 063 104 7190 and 078 522 1772.