Woman jailed for racial slur

Kempton Park  – A woman who called a black woman a “k-word bi**h” after she bumped into her and her three-year-old daughter at a Pick n Pay store in Kempton Park has been jailed for six months.

  According to testimony at the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court, the woman, Marie Basson, 41, also told Nomsa Masuku she had a “fat ass” and should go to the gym.

  Basson earlier this month failed in a bid to appeal her six-month jail term for crimen injuria.

  This is the second time a prison sentence has been handed down for using the k-word. Vicki Momberg was jailed for two years for her repeated use of the k-word. The former real estate agent was found guilty of four counts of crimen injuria after she called a black police officer the k-word 48 times when he came to her aid, following a smash-and-grab incident in 2016. 

  In the case of Basson, the court reportedly found that she, like Momberg, refused to admit or apologise for the language she used against Masuku.

  Masuku said Basson was standing at a till with her three-year-old daughter when she asked the little girl if she could pass her to get to the kiosk. Basson reportedly claimed that Masuku had bumped her and her daughter while trying to pass them as she was unpacking her groceries from a trolley.

  An altercation then ensued and escalated to the parking lot, where Masuku reportedly said Basson told her, in front of her daughter: “You are a k****r bi**h, a k****r bi**h with a big fat ass. You should go to a gym.”

  The Kempton Park magistrate’s court rejected Basson as an unreliable witness and the Johannesburg High Court dismissed her appeal. 

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