“We can win the War against drugs if we work together” – Malobane

The Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane has urged Gauteng communities to work together with Law Enforcement Agencies to root out drugs in their respective communities.
The MEC made the call on Tuesday morning during her visit to communities of Berea, Yeoville and Hillbrow. Her forced visit follows a three day protest by residents of Hillbrow and Berea who blocked and Barricaded the Drug spot at the corner of Oreily and Five street
On Monday evening residents stormed a block of flat they suspected to be storing drugs, in the process community members confiscated a huge quantity of drugs.
Residents refused to Handover the Drug to Police from Hillbrow police station citing that they have lost faith in the police.
“A resident who wished to remain anonymous told the Inner City Gazette that they requested MEC Malobane to be part of the official handover of drugs as a strategy – so that when Hillbrow burns she can’t claim not having been aware.
The MEC held a meeting with the local community leadership as well as social partners in the fight against crime in Berea and Hillbrow policing precinct. The MEC applauded the work of the community members in confiscating drugs and pleaded with them to work together with the police to fight the scourge of drugs which has reached unprecedented levels in the province.
The South African Police Narcotic unit were available to accept drugs led by the MEC. The quantity of the drugs and amount was not determined at the time since the forensic investigators were taking the drugs for analysis.
“I am delighted that finally the communities of Gauteng are taking charge of their safety. The confiscation of drugs by community members is an indication that community members want to root out the scourge of drugs in their respective spaces.
“It is important that we commit all our resources and encourage our communities to rally behind the police in fighting the demon that is terrorizing our nation. We cannot allow drug lords to walk our streets and instill fear amongst ordinary citizens.
“I have instructed the crime intelligence team to work around the clock to ensure that all suspects linked with drugs are arrested and ensure maximum sentenced imposed on them.
“I call upon members of the community who might have information on some of these drug lords to report them to the authorities,” said MEC Nkosi-Malobane while addressing the residents.

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