UJ launches inaugural MBA

Johannesburg – The Johannesburg Business School (JBS), at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), has launched its inaugural Master of Business Administration (MBA).

  In a statement the university said following the guiding principle of the Business School, it has been designed to be purpose-driven, equipping students with practical tools and knowledge to grow small- and medium-sized businesses, to create jobs and expand the South African economy.

 “There was significant interest in the programme, and after a competitive assessment and admissions process, was oversubscribed,” the university said.

  A mix of exceptional local and international faculty will be lecturing on the MBA, the university said.

It added that the first cohort of students will experience a teaching style and lecture format characterised by short and practical lecture sessions, with a focus on gaining knowledge for impact.

  “There is also an international module, which takes place in the second year of studies, at one of JBS’ international partner schools in Mumbai, Buenos Aires, or Shanghai. Students can juggle work responsibilities and their studies with either ‘Early Bird’ classes, starting at 06h30 during the week, or ‘weekender’ classes which run on Saturdays. They will undertake a practical business project as a capstone to the MBA, rather than the traditional academic research report.”

  JBS senior director Professor Lyal White said: “The JBS MBA is not only designed to address the needs and challenges of the SMEs in the African context, but also geared towards developing a global mindset.”

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