UJ hosts photo-essay expo

Lakin Morgan-Baatjies

An exhibition entitled Inequality: A Different Picture, featuring poignant photo essays by three visual artists, will be hosted at UJ from 26 February to 18 March.

  Questioning pervasive stereotypes about ‘township’ youth, black fathers, and women’s abilities, the trio of photographers aimed to portray how three Cape Town-based individuals have confronted various forms of inequality to realise their passions, sustain themselves and their families, and ultimately bring change in their communities.

  The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) spearheaded this project, in line with its mandate to address inequality and social cohesion.

  Working with award-winning South African photographer Neo Ntsoma, who mentored budding photographers Andiswa Mkosi and Ross Jansen, the resulting photo essays were realised in partnership with Igalelo.

  Ntsoma, one of the first black women to enrol in photography school in the 1990s, is celebrating her coming of age in her chosen field this year. “I realised that by mentoring fellow photographers I could empower people and multiply their potential. Now that I have some wisdom and experience under my belt, I feel even more obliged to guide other photographers to grow and succeed in this competitive industry,” she says.

  Ntsoma, Mkosi and Jansen edited their images of inspiring entrepreneurs to tell a coherent story that can be shared widely on various platforms.

  Mkosi, a self – taught photographer, lyricist and performing artist considers photography a privilege.

  “It gives us the chance to see ‘chapters’ in people’s lives that we would not otherwise see. As a young black photographer, I am able to change perspectives and challenge stereotypes by telling the true narratives and rewriting those that have been told wrong by outsiders.”

  Ross Jansen, a well-rounded photographer with an eye for detail and composition, finds it important to “disseminate local stories and steer clear of portraying stereotypes. Cape Town is full of untold stories. I don’t need to be elsewhere to capture great moments, they are all around us.”

  Walkabouts will be hosted on Saturday 29 February and 14 March 2020 from 10:30

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