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The Foundation for Education and Social Justice Africa calls on teachers to put the interests of learners first.


The Foundation for Education and Social Justice Africa (FESJA) has called on South African teachers to prioritize learning and teaching by putting the interests of learners above their own.

The Foundation is concerned about the poor quality of learning and teaching, particularly in townships and rural schools. This is sparked by the recent reports by experts where it was demonstrated that our learners in the intermediate phase can not read for meaning.

The Foundation also called on parents and guardians to take a keen interest in the education of their own children.

Education on its own is a triangle that requires collaboration amongst learners, teachers, and parents. Without the much needed parental involvement, teachers may struggle to produce better outcomes, especially those who teach in overcrowded classrooms.

The foundation is of the view that a revised national strategy is required to improve learning and teaching in the country.

There is no doubt that basic education minister Angie Motshekga has a strong team of managers with the required skills to create a conduciive environment for learning and teaching with a view to turnaround improvement. The plans that have been put in place require constant revision as the world is fast changing on a daily basis.

What is lacking however is the ability of the teachers to move with the necessary speed to teach in better ways than before.

The Foundation is not surprised that learners in private schools continue to excel even in the post-school education sector.

It is not enough for school managers to wait until authorities deliver education equipment that is in line with modern technology. School managers should be proactive by partnering with relevant companies for the general wellbeing and progress of learners.

The Foundation will seek a meeting with the national Department of Basic Education to present a detailed national strategy with a view to improve the quality of learning and teaching.


One thought on “The Foundation for Education and Social Justice Africa calls on teachers to put the interests of learners first.

  • A poor education system is all it takes to kill a country. South Africa has been captured and those heading our education system seem to be okay with that as long as they getting paid why should they bother to treat this situation as an emergency? If no effort is made ASAP the dire turmoil effects we see now will be no match to the tragedy that will unleash.


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