Saarthak Bakshi

Technologically driven entrepreneurs

Dr Saarthak Bakshi

Entrepreneurs have to be dynamic and adapt with the changes in the business environment.

  In this world of rapid digitalization and technologically advancing age, it is mandated that they are up-to-date with novel technologies and mechanisms that help in faster yet effective completion of work.

  Technology has simplified the lives of the entrepreneurs with its efficiency. It has given the entrepreneurs to complete their tasks and enabled them to fly wherever they are, even with the minimalistic of resources.

  The market analysis is definitely not easy with traditional operations. It has always been difficult to retrieve proper feedback from the customers about the goods and services offered by the entrepreneur.

  With advancing technologies, the needs of the customers, reaching the target audience, tapping the tastes and preferences, the latest trends and competitor strategy is easy to keep an eye on. Earlier, with not so advanced technologies collecting all of this information was a very cumbersome and complicated task.

  A proper flow of communication is very vital to allow a well-organized flow of information in a business.   Technology delivers manifold channels for businesses to connect. Technologies like virtual workspaces where there can be a proper exchange of novel ideas and information within a closed environment through video calls. It has actually made simpler for the superiors to check on their subordinates when travelling. This even ensures transparency of regular operations.

  In today’s world, where people are actually digitally influenced, then one must take proper use of the advancing technology and talk on platforms that shall help in their business to grow.

  The progressing technology has helped in ticking off all the use of paper by electronically advancing most of the necessary processes like accounts and legal formalities. The emails have substituted formal letters and intimations which are much quicker and better.

  The employees in the organization are able to work even outside of the office where there is a work-life struggle. The technologically driven entrepreneurs and the employees are able to enhance their networking even through homes while ensuring a proper family life while not compromising on their profession.

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