The overloaded taxi that was stopped by traffic police

Taxi carries 12 extra passengers and pulls overloaded trailer

Johannesburg – A minibus meant to carry 10 people, including the driver, was overloaded with passengers and goods, creating a potential road-safety hazard.

  Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) chief David Tembe said the Toyota Quantum minibus was stopped by police at Marshall and Henry Nxumalo streets in central Johannesburg with an abnormal load in its trailer.

  “The vehicle, meant to carry 10 people, including the driver, also disgorged 22 passengers. The driver was charged with overloading and instructed to reduce the number of passengers and the load in the trailer.”

  Under Tembe, the JMPD is rolling out stricter enforcement of traffic-management rules across the city to improve road safety.

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