Suspected hijacker shot dead

Bruma – On Saturday evening a suspected car hijacker was shot and killed when a victim drove into a property for help and the owner opened fire at the suspects in Bruma, according to police.

  Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said the suspected hijackers had followed the woman driving an Audi A4 intending to hijack her vehicle.

  “The woman drove into a house where the gate was open and hooted for help. One of the suspected hijackers got out of their car, which was parked outside the yard, and knocked on her car window with a gun, telling her to get out of her vehicle. The woman got out of the car and the suspect jumped into the vehicle and was about to drive away when shots were fired. She didn’t know where the shots were coming from; and only realised after it was quiet that it was the owner of the house shooting at the suspects,” Makhubele said.

  The other two suspects drove away in their car, leaving their accomplice behind.

  “Police were called and the suspect was found in possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Police are searching for the two suspects who fled from the scene,” Makhubele said.

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