Sound engineer heads for success

Terrena Rathanlall

Three years ago, Mojalefa Mashokwe resigned from his job and started his own sound engineering business, RF Junky. He has gone from an unemployed young man to an established businessman with an impressive client list.

  Mojalefa was the RF co-ordinator at the prestigious 2018 Global Citizen concert in Johannesburg, which featured artists like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran and Cassper Nyovest. He also assisted with the technical sound monitoring and evaluation of the sound mix environment for The Voice South African Season 1 and 2. 

 Mojalefa said the tech space in which RF Junky operates is constantly improving. 

  “I must keep up with the latest technology to give my clients the best service. When I worked at the Global Citizen concert I knew I had to bring my A game because if I got it wrong, the whole world would know I got it wrong, and the converse is true, too.”

  He said it all started in church when he volunteered as a sound technician. “I was curious about the technology used. I researched better options and how I could improve the quality. The curiosity became a passion and after school I studied sound engineering because I knew this was what I wanted to do.”

  RF Junky provides coordination at events and installations for wireless microphones, multi-channel wireless microphones or in-ear monitor systems design and setup, RF spectrum planning for events or at conference venues, RF spectrum monitoring during events, technical support at venues and support for live performing artists and tours. RF Junky also makes premium cable leads that are used for professional wireless audio antenna systems.

  Mojalefa and his trainee complete the technical tasks needed for big productions seamlessly.  The other people Mojalefa says were contributors to his success were his mother and Adriaan Van Der Walt, one of the directors of RF Junky.

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