Singer releases ‘healing process’ album

Sabelo Mkhabela

Three years since the release of her acclaimed debut album Amazulu, Amanda Black returns with her second full-length project; an 18-track album titled Power, kicking off with a fitting spoken word piece by Kush Mahleka.

  The music provides both electronic sounds and actual instruments. It will sound even bigger when interpreted by a band live.

  Power sounds both mature and youthful, and Amanda’s voice still fills up your headphones, and her songwriting is sharper and even more personal than on Amazulu.

  “I wanted to get back the power I felt was taken from me, so for me the album was a healing process. There are songs where I was able to say what I hadn’t been able to do during the past few years. Each and every song was a moment for me because there’s so much I hadn’t said and dealt with; to myself and by myself. The songs took me somewhere and had me tapping into emotions I’d buried underneath. I had to become vulnerable and open up to myself, and it helped me get on the path of actually healing.”

  Power is the first project Amanda Black has released since departing from Ambitiouz Entertainment, the label that released her debut album in 2016.

  Without the financial muscle of a label, a reasonable number of artists who leave labels often perish as resources to make world class art are hard to come by. It’s not the case with Power. The album sounds like money, and will definitely have a long shelf life. OkayAfrica

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