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Safety app adds tools to counter GBV

Johannesburg – Considering that during the nationwide lockdown there has been alarming reports of gender-
based violence (GBV) around the country; safety app Namola, which offers 24-hour emergency response, has
added free Covid-19 support tools.
Namola CEO Peter Matthaei says the safety app provides easy access to accurate and reliable information and
support tools during the Covid-19 pandemic.
“We want to ensure that all South Africans, especially those without access to private security, stay safe while we
are in lockdown,” Matthaei says.
All Namola users enjoy free access to public emergency services such as police, fire and rescue, and government
ambulances around the clock during the national lockdown, Matthaei adds.
“We are concerned that domestic violence has increased over the lockdown, and that loneliness and feelings of
uncertainty may impact many people’s mental health.
We encourage our fellow South Africans to access important services such as the Domestic Abuse hotline,
Childline and mental health hotlines through the Namola app if they need further support,” says Matthaei.
Additionally, Namola’s Response Centre team remains available 24/7 to deal with any emergencies. The app also
provides the latest case statistics, access to important helplines and latest news, as well as Covid-19 alerts.
“We are deeply grateful to all first responders and emergency operators for their fearless and untiring work during
this time,” says Matthaei.
The Namola safety app is available as a free download for iPhone and Android. The company has discounted its
optional Namola Plus upgrade from R49 to R39 a month for both new and current members, after an initial free
month. Namola Plus allows users to access private armed response and emergency medical assistance through the
Namola app.

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