Safer Conception Services at 9 Region F Clinics

Wits Reproductive Health Institute (WRHI) is a research organisation that specializes in conducting research in the field of HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health. It is implementing one of its many innovative and exciting programmes called Safer Conception, which aims to ensure that people who are of child bearing age can be supported to have safe and healthy pregnancies, particularly those who are living with, or affected by HIV, so that we can help them to make sure that partners and babies are not infected with HIV.

The safer conception project community team, working with facility linked community healthcare workers, will access people via home visits (door to door) and community based dialogues and outreach activities. During these visits and activities, Safer Conception Services will be introduced to the people along with information about the facilities where the services will now be available if they are interested to access the new service. The Clinic staff will be oriented about the service and nurses and Councillors will be trained on how to render the service in their facility

Considering that SCS is only rendered at Ward 21 Hillbrow Clinic for now, a need for decentralising and expanding the service is evident, hence the 9 CoJ facilities were chosen. Also, we are working hard to encourage male clients to come for safer conception services so that they can be capacitated regarding sexual and reproduction health, doing away with the stigma that sexual health and reproduction is only a feminine concern. We are excited to be offering a service that supports individuals and couples to achieve their pregnancy goals and build healthy families together.

Engagements are proposed to take place between February 2018 and September 2018 as a test implementation for Safer Conception. The relevant clinic staff are already undergoing training to be able to provide the service to the community by the end of January 2018.

For more information
Talk to your nurse about safer conception services. These are available at: 80 Albert Street, Bellavista, Crown Gardens, Crosby, Glenanda, Jeppestown, Joubert Park, Malvern, Rosettenville. If your partner is unable to attend, you are welcome to attend alone. Coming in as a couple will help us look after you better.

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