Residents volunteer to keep streets clean

Johannesburg – Some Hillbrow residents have partnered with Clean City South Africa (CleanCitySA) to coordinate their efforts to remove litter from streets and a park in the area where they live.

Their effort coincides with the launch of the CleanCitySA Adopt a Street Volunteers Network. The network is a community initiative that unites Joburg residents in restoring the inner-city to its former glory. The theme is By taking care of your street, you take care of the environment.

The volunteers have adopted 400 meters of Hadfield Road, 300 meters of Catherine Avenue and the lower part of Pullinger Kop Park in Hillbrow. The launch paves a way for other streets and open spaces to be adopted by residents, in an effort to clean the inner-city.  Volunteers conduct clean-up events every Saturday morning.

Each group is run by a volunteer management team consisting of the director, timekeeper, logistics and health and safety.

CEO of CleanCitySA  Dalu Cele said it is encouraging to witness the residents participating and owning this initiative, of taking back the streets and open spaces, to free it from litter that is damaging the environment and the economy.

“We take pride in ensuring that volunteers are able to participate under strict Covid-19 hygiene protocols and safety standards,” said Cele.

To participate in the Adopt a Street Volunteers Network, a minimum of 25 volunteers are required to register with CleanCitySA for a particular street, or open space they wish to adopt and keep it clean. Each volunteer earns 10 points after participating on each Saturday cleaning up event.

After every 120 points earned by a volunteer, following participation in 12 clean-up events, they can redeem their points for either a R300 Shoprite Checkers food voucher, R300 data voucher or R300 airtime voucher from a service provider of their choice.

During clean-up events, volunteers get to sanitise their hands; their temperature is taken and they answer Covid-19 related screening questions, before they can participate.

CleanCitySA issues T-shirts, caps, masks and gloves to the volunteers. Without a mask and gloves, or facing a Covid-19 related risk from screening, a volunteer is not allowed to participate in the clean-up event.

CleanCitySA is looking forward to introduce more streets and open spaces to the volunteers network; in anticipation that the campaign will grow, as more residents adopt the streets and open spaces where they live.

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