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Region F Carnival a showstopper

Major streets in Brixton, Mayfair and surrounding areas came to a standstill on Wednesday morning, as the magical Region F Carnival took to the streets.

Both the residents and motorists were caught by surprise as they were greeted on the streets by gigantic puppets, children wearing over-size hats, painted little faces and colourful costumes, stilt-walkers towering over the cars and houses and the loud music, dances and cheers.

True to the regional theme “Magical Realism,” the regional carnival indeed brought the magic to the residents. Enthralled by the Carnival spirit, residents peeked out from their windows, some watched down from their flats’ balconies; while others came out of their homes to catch a glimpse of the Carnival as it marched through the streets, as if propelled to action by the music from the live band behind the troop.

From 1st Street Brixton where the Carnival began, the parade moved with high energy under the sweltering sun, dancing uncontrollably as if under the spell of the blasting sound that played from the truck that followed behind.

Like a magical train, the Carnival made its way down De La Rey Street, going up the long Hull Street and attracting lots of spectators who took photos with their cellphones and children joining in as it moved along.

The City of Joburg’s Chair of Chairpersons, Councillor Alex Christians, encouraged the participants to have lots of fun and to display their creativity.

Cllr Christians said: “This year, we decided to start with regional carnivals before the big one on the 31st of December. This is about which region is going to be the best on the 31st. All the best for Region F Carnival, do your best. This area is for mostly the elderly people, so as young people you need breathe young life into the area.”

Rashid Jacobs, one of the young participants, said the Carnival was welcomed in the area as it helps children to stay safe, particularly during the festive season as the schools are closed.

“At his time of the year, the Carnival benefits the kids by taking them out of trouble. It helps to take the community out to celebrate together,” said Jacobs.

The Region F Carnival is one the seventh regional carnivals taking places across the city, which would all take part in the ultimate Joburg Carnival on 31 December 2017.

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