Stolen Cable Recovered
South Africa

R500 000 worth of stolen copper cables recovered

The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) K9 Unit has swiftly recovered copper cables believed to have been stolen from the City Power’s Randburg Station on 20 December 2017.Just a day later, and acting on information received from the Crime Intelligence Unit, JMPD was able to trace and recover the stolen copper cables worth about half a million rand in value hidden in a warehouse in Silverton, Pretoria.

Stolen Cable Recovered

Two suspects were arrested by JMPD officers and are detained at Silverton SAPS for further prosecution. The suspects will face serious criminal charges of possession of stolen goods.

Public Safety MMC Michael Sun commends the JMPD K9 and the Crime Intelligence Unit for their swift action, he says “The swift arrest of the suspects and recovery of the stolen copper cables is a clear message to the criminal syndicates that are sabotaging our City that their ill gains will come at a hefty price. Thousands of residents go without electricity for days because of cable theft, and the City has to spend millions of rand to reconnect the cables. We will ensure that these criminals are removed from our society and spend many years in prison where they belong”.


JMPD is on a search for the other suspects linked to this case. Anyone with information is requested to contact the JMPD or SAPS to assist.

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