R20 bribe lands cops in trouble

Two corrupt JMPD officers who passed out of the Academy just six months ago were arrested yesterday for bribery during Operation Buya Mthetho at the corner of Eloff Street and Pritchard Street.
Members of Internal Affairs Unit became suspicious when they saw two male JMPD officers sitting inside a car belonging to a member of the public at corner of Eloff Street and Pritchard Street approximately 3.30pm.
They watched how the driver of the vehicle had put money into a bag which belongs to one of the officers. The one officer then went to put the bag against a pole.
The Internal Affairs members intervened, and the driver admitted to putting two ten rand notes inside the bag when the corrupt officers demanded “cold drink” money from the driver because his car license disk had expired.
The Chief of Johannesburg Metropolitan Police David Tembe is very furious about this incident and said “ we will root out all of the corrupt elements of our department, as these have tarnished the badge and image of JMPD “.

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