Project to empower female entrepreneurs

Johannesburg – The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) has collaborated with the SA Innovation Summit (SAIS) to empower female entrepreneurs with skills and network to grow their businesses, and increase exposure to get investment funding.

  The Fem-In-Tech Development Programme is open to South African start-ups in tech and tech-enabled sectors that have female representation as founders or top management.

  Fem-in-Tech aims to grow female entrepreneurship in South Africa and bridge the gap for women entrepreneurs in the investment market. 

  Participants will undergo online training, culminating in a Demo Day at the Virtual Edition of the SA Innovation Summit on 30 September to 1 October.

  Executive manager of the SEDA Technology Programme (STP) Nosipho Khonkwane says: “There is a compelling need to grow the rate of female entrepreneurship in South Africa, particularly in the tech and tech-enabled sectors. This programme seeks to be that bridge to accessing much needed capital investment and business networks.”

  The Top 20 start-ups, those with high growth potential, will be matched to potential investors from around the world. 

  In addition, Anza Capital will take a select few on an Investor Tour with United States and European investors; and stand a chance to receive funding of between R2 million and R5 million to grow and scale their businesses.

  Fem-In-Tech aims to capacitate women entrepreneurs and create a community of female founders to support each other on their journeys and share their experiences. Through the programme, opportunities will be created with potential investors and business supporters.

  The Demo Day will enable the founders to showcase their start-ups at the SA Innovation Summit, which aims to promote and develop the entrepreneurial creativity of start-ups who are disrupting traditional ways of doing business.

  Dr Audrey Verhaeghe, chairperson of SAIS, says: “We need to look at the performance stats in early stage businesses to see that this asset class, female founders, needs much more attention.”

  SEDA and SAIS are encouraging women entrepreneurs to take advantage of this opportunity to upskill, access financial and business support to grow and scale, gain market and media exposure, and also network with potential enablers and sponsors for their business endevours.

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