Popular CBD salon turns to crowd funding to survive

Johannesburg – A popular Johannesburg hair salon, Indalo Nubian Naturals, has turned to crowd funding to raise funds to keep it open, after it had to close due to the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown.

   Indalo, which is situated in Commissioner Street, also caters for men and children with natural African hair. It announced the closure of its Joburg branch last week, leaving 29 stylists without a job.

  The brand, owned by Smangele Sibisi, has another branch in Pretoria. 

 Sibisi said what was meant to be just three weeks turned into three months, and rent costs kept piling up with no income, which left the Joburg branch with massive debt and employees destitute.

  “A month of not receiving your income can be understood, but two to three months is a disaster. Our contract with our accountant was suspended due to non-payment, and eviction of stylists from their accommodation followed. I was also evicted from where I stayed,” Sibisi said.

  Sibisi has turned to crowd funding through the BackaBuddy campaign to raise R200 000 to keep the business open.

  “This will help rebuild our salon, which will mean no one will be left without a job. Our employees will have a home again, and this will definitely help us gain a home for our clients who used to visit our Johannesburg branch. My hope is to eliminate the numbers of youth unemployment and this will definitely do just that. The funding will be used for a new space, shop fittings, in-salon stock to use and salon equipment,” Sibisi said. 

  By Monday, 22 June, the campaign had raised over R15 000 of its targeted amount for funding.

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