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Police continue to strengthen public safety during Christmas holidays

As we approach Christmas holidays, the police in the province continue to strengthen actions to prevent crime in accordance with Operation Back to Basics: Safer Festive Season 2017/2018 through deployment at different places to ensure the safety and security of all inhabitants of the Republic and their properties.

This is the period that is commonly characterised by an upward trend of crime. Although the police will be intensifying the work done through the year intended to engender a sense of awareness, public / private partnership and a holistic approach to crime combatting through various proactive and reactive actions, it is important that the community works together with them to discourage violent incidents that still form part of crime that leads to commission of assaults, robberies, murders and sexual offences. In some instances, the crime is committed by people who are known to each other.

The police request members of the community to apply the following safety tips:

  • Know all emergency numbers.
  • Make provision for good outside lighting. Remember, outside lights that are on during the day draw the attention of thieves.
  • Always check the identity of strangers who visit for business purposes to do deliveries or repairs.
  • If you know that you will be away for a longer period, do not leave your house unattended, rather leave another person to take care of it or report your absence to the police so that they can make turns at your place during patrols.

Safety in your car

  • Do not drink and drive, avoid speeding by leaving on time from your departure point.
  • To avoid hijackings, know your destination and the directions and be alert if you get lost.
  • Never leave keys in the ignition when alighting the car to open the gate.
  • Motorists are warned to exercise caution, be alert and avoid at all costs to give lifts to hitch-hikers as some of these people victimise the same motorists who offer them lifts by robbing them and vice versa.

Street Safety

  • Plan your route beforehand
  • In case of pedestrians, do not drink and walk on or along the road.
  • If you walk alone, plan your route carefully and stay in well-lit areas as much as possible.
  • It is advisable not to carry large sums of money around, rather use conventional ways of saving money and doing transactions.

ATM Safety

  • Always cover your pin by shielding the hand that is typing.
  • Never accept help or ask anyone to assist you in the ATM unless he / she is a security official.
  • Avoid using isolated ATMs late at night.

The members of the community are also urged to work together with the police to ensure that schools are also safe from burglaries and other damages. While the police will be doing patrols at schools, the community is requested to take ownership of the schools within their localities by reporting suspicious activities.

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