Noisy Church Pastor allegedly threatens residents

Ten Speakers were confiscated from a church known for operating illegally from a residential place and also known for its noise making.
This church was previously situated in Regents Street, in Bellevue from which the church operated illegally. It then relocated to corner Short Street and Observatory Avenue where it is now currently based and is operating in a building with business rights.

Not so long ago community members organized an anti-hijack buildings march which almost ended up in violence when both congregants and residents had an altercation. The church eventually moved to their current location.
Residents in the area have complained numerous times about the noise coming from this church, and have tried to address the issue with the Pastor who allegedly threatened the residents.

Although Ward 66 Cllr Carlos DaRocha had tried to intervene by communicating with the Pastor, his plea along with the resident’s pleas fell on deaf ears.
“It was after this that I realised I need to take harsh measures,” said Cllr DaRocha.
The pastor continued to defy the residents, threatening them and making claims that he has the police in his pocket and will therefore go untouched. He made additional threats to residents saying that he will buy their properties and take ownership of the whole area.

“A resident called me on Sunday, 20 May 2017 to complain about the noise again, so I decided to personally go there for an inspection. It was at this point that I felt this issue needed to be dealt with once and for all,” he added.
“I called the MMC for Public Safety Councillor Michael Sun for assistance and he dispatched a JMPD team to deal with the situation. The JMPD arrived at the house and confiscated the sound system from the premises, which was massive enough to host a concert.

“It is very unfortunate that we are forced to deal with such matters in this manner.
“Those that do not adhere to the law must know that for as long as I am a Councillor in my Ward they will not get away with law infringement.
“I would also like to highlight that we have absolutely nothing against any church as long as the church adheres to the by-laws which govern the City of Johannesburg.
“This should be a reminder that the DA-Coalition led government will continue to enforce by-laws throughout the city without favour to a certain few.

“I must express my deepest gratitude to the JMPD officers who together with MMC Sun assisted in this matter,” he concluded.

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