New technology halts ATM heists

Johannesburg – Banking security companies are coming up with new ways to stop ATM robberies. 

  This comes amid the general crime wave that is experienced around the country over the festive season; partly due to people spending more over the Christmas period than at other times of the year.  According to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre, Gauteng is hardest-hit.

  Johannesburg company Secure Banking Technologies helps the banks make their ATMs theft-proof.

  Secure Banking Technologies CEO Makhosini Kharodi said: “We noticed that the ATMs were not being protected, hence the money was exposed, so we started by upgrading the actual exterior of the ATM. That was giving it protection against bombing, protection against cutting and grinding, as a result, we built a technology that can protect the ATM.” 

  Criminals have turned to high-tech explosives to blow up ATM machines, however, new smart ATMs with special sensors and bomb-proof dye stain bottles are reducing the amount of money robbers have been able to steal, Kharodi said.

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