New MMC for Housing

City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba has appointed a new MMC for Housing in an effort to turnaround the portfolio.
The Mayor in a statement announced that Councillor Meshack van Wyk of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) would replace the former MMC for housing Councillor Mzobanzi Ntuli of the IFP.

Mashaba said that despite Ntuli’s best efforts he was unable to improve the department’s performance and that a change in leadership was needed to address this.
“Former MMC Ntuli has served in the position since September 2016. He inherited a Housing Department that was performing poorly and with a legacy of corruption,” the mayor said.

“Despite former MMC Ntuli’s best efforts, the Department’s performance has not improved. While this is primarily a function of the administration of this Department, it is going to require different leadership to affect the turnaround of this critical function in the City.”

Mashaba has tasked Van Wyk with several key projects which include:
lInner City regeneration to fast track delivery of affordable housing, student accommodation and small business space.
lIdentification of city owned land for Service Stands.

*Maximise the utilization of Provincial and National grants to deliver houses for our residents.
*Expedite delivery of Title Deeds to qualifying residents.
*Finalization and publication of the official open Housing waiting list.
*Development of new Housing Policy for the City of Johannesburg.

“I would like to wish MMC van Wyk the best in his new role and have every confidence in his ability to positive change to housing department.
“I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the former MMC for Housing, Councillor Mzobanzi Ntuli, for his service under tremendous pressure.
“We will continue to do what is right for the residents of our City, understanding the change that is demanded of us and our residents’ expectations,”Mashaba concluded.

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