Nemisis marshals battle Hillbrow blaze

Nemesis Fire Prevention team prioritises the safety of the communities they serve, on the 24th of May 2018, at about 6am, Bad Boyz CCTV control room operators observed a tyre burning incident at the corner of Claim and Kotze street in Hillbrow. This was after there was an anticipated strike action that was to happen later in the day, they monitored unknown suspects armed with petrol and matches who had started burning tyres along Claim street in Hillbrow. Bad Boyz CCTV dispatched Nemesis fire marshals to extinguish the fire that was huge and had blocked the heavy morning peak hour traffic.
Nemesis fire marshals arrived on the scene, equipped with fire extinguishers. Several fire extinguishers were used, and the fire was successfully extinguished. Nemesis team leader says, “their instincts act reflexly to any life threatening situations and take pride in serving communities.”
JMPD and SAPS were alerted, and they swiftly responded to the emergency call.

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