South Africa

Mobile group provides opportunities for the youth

Jenna Cook

South African lifestyle network TRACE Mobile has announced that it is launching a programme to tackle youth unemployment by providing training and employment opportunities, called the TRACE Troops Initiative.

 The vice-president, mobile and marketing at TRACE, Prescillia Avenel-Delpha said: “As a brand that primarily focuses on entertaining and engaging with the youth, we felt that it was our responsibility to give the very same youth, especially the unemployed, job opportunities.”

  According to the company, the initiative is designed to employ and upskill youth, regardless of their education and work experience.

  Candidates, particularly those within the 18 – 25 age bracket, who are successful in their application for the skills development programme will undergo weeks of training in sales, marketing and activations.

  “Our TRACE Troops are not chosen on merit but are chosen on personality, street smarts and the understanding of what their peers like and want. Our TRACE Troops are the ones who play a role in the development of our lifestyle network because they are in tune with their peers,” said Avenel-Delpha.

  Statistics South Africa recently released data that showed that the unemployment level among youth between the ages of 15 – 24 stands at an alarming 55.2%. Furthermore, unemployment among graduates, in the same age group, is at 31%; having increased by 11.4%.

  After successfully completing the programme, graduates who become ‘TRACE Troops’ will be stationed within TRACE Mobile, actively assisting with sales, marketing and activation activities, all while earning a notable salary.

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