Mentalist, Michael Abrahamson helping people to develop memory skills

Michael Abrahamson is best known as one of South Africa’s foremost sports broadcasters with his experience dating back to 1991.
One of his main career highlights includes working as SABC’s main English radio commentator at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, commentating on 19 games in full, including the opening game and the final, on SA’s official World Cup radio station – Radio 2000.
He was the first broadcaster in the country to win the prestigious SAB Radio Commentator of the Year 3 times, with a total of 6 awards in this category, and he won the SAB Radio Sports Broadcaster of the Year award for being the top commentator in the country at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
However this qualified Actuary’s passion lies in the art of Mentalism. While you may be skeptical, there is more to this art form that meets the eye. Mentalism makes use of the power of the mind with purely scientific methods to achieve the feats that are demonstrated in the shows that Michael performs.
Abrahamson’s mentalism shows have proven to be a huge success with a vast range of audiences, and is an excellent event entertainment idea for most corporate functions, private parties and end of year functions. The show is unique and completely different and has universal appeal.
With his mentalism shows, Abrahamson also demonstartes how he has developed his memory over the years, as many features within his shows are purely memory skills; one such component is that Abrahamson has memorised all the flags from 200 independent countries, plus various facts of each country.
In addition to having actuarial qualifications from the Institute of Actuaries in London, he also has a first-class honours degree in Statistics, and has been teaching the subject in various capacities for over 20 years. Michael uses all his teaching and exam experience to empower delegates and teach them clever and useful techniques that have served his students well. As a multi award-winning lecturer, his knowledge is invaluable to learners.
He also teaches Mathematics and Statistics to school learners and unviersity students.

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