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Men sell booze disguised as sanitiser

Johannesburg – Two men were recently arrested for allegedly selling alcohol disguised as sanitiser. 

  Police discovered that the suspects were selling alcohol during the lockdown ban, and they had an unusual way to disguise the alcohol. The two were moving liquor in containers marked ‘sanitizer’ when it was actually vodka and red and white wine. Some of the containers were branded ‘JoeSoap’.

  On social media many felt sorry for the alleged perpetrators, while some wished the police would place as much interest in catching those involved in more serious crimes. 

  @stultusruetultr said: “Should start a GoFundMe account to help pay for their legal fees. Amazes me that law enforcement is on the ball when it comes to enforcing nonsensical regulations, but ask them to enforce laws regarding house-break-ins, murders, hijackings and GBV…..crickets.”

 @Misacras said: “Wow the creativity behind this probably someone snitched on them.” 

 @bryanbrom said: “Imagine if our SAPS were as eager to catch murderers and rapists.” 

 @FirehorseMedia said: “For once I am on these guys side… if the government can be so blatantly corrupt and criminal then let the small guys on the street make a plan!!

 @clivesimpkins said: “I love the ‘JoeSoap’ brand.” 

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