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Mayor Mashaba’s response to Dagada’s statement

The Mayor’s position on the dismissal of Councillor Dagada remains – that Cllr Dagada breached the City’s Code of Conduct by not declaring his interests and, subsequently, conflicts of interest with individuals closely associated with him.
Further to this, the forensic investigation has found Cllr Dagada to have been involved in price fixing with a service provider to the City, and in the process acted against his sworn duty to our residents.
Should the Councillor wish to test the matter in court, that is his right, and an opportunity the Mayor would welcome. Indeed, a process through the Council’s Ethics committee is set to unfold in this respect.
Members of the Mayoral committee serve in line with the wishes of the Mayor based on a variety of features including trust, transparency and honesty, which are cornerstones of that professional relationship.
No leader, championing clean government could be expected to fold their hands when those responsible for good governance fail to live up to the standards of conduct and ethics that they are meant to uphold.


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