Mayor calls on teamwork to curb Covid-19

Johannesburg – Mayor Geoffrey Makhubo has called on residents to shake off the stigma around the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  The mayor acknowledged that the city is now the country’s epicentre for the corona virus pandemic, but committed the City resources and expertise to curb the spread.

  “I urge you to look after each other. Our colleagues who have tested positive for Covid-19 are still our friends and workmates. We should not shun them or treat them like lepers.”

  According to the mayor, the City has already lost six officials to Covid-19, and he feels that the destigmatising beliefs around the virus will help people tackle the virus, as the country did with HIV/Aids.

  “A colleague in my office recently tested positive for Covid-19. We all rallied around them and gave our support at this crucial time, and they have returned to work stronger and more resolute to ensure that our residents get services delivered on time,” he said.

  Makhubo added that only a committed, united effort between the City, the public, business and all other role players can win the war against Covid-19. 

  “We will win the war against the corona virus. We might lose battles along the way, but we need to face the enemy together and present a united front,” he said.

  The mayor emphasised that pharmaceutical companies are working to produce a vaccine, with a breakthrough expected around 2021. Meanwhile, the he advised all to practise good hygiene, observe social distancing and sanitise often.

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