Man dies after drinking home brew

Brakpan – On Tuesday a man died after drinking homemade alcohol he allegedly bought from a local vendor.

  The 34-year-old man, a father of two, died of organ failure at the Far East Rand Hospital. His stepfather, who also drank some of the beer, was reported to be in a serious condition in ICU.

  His wife said they drank some of the beer on Saturday; and next morning she felt ill and her husband still appeared drunk. “He and his stepfather opened another bottle and drank another glass each, then we visited friends in the same street, where we had some more.”

  On Monday morning, the man reportedly became ill and was taken to hospital, where his condition became worse and he died on Tuesday. His stepfather was also hospitalised and was still in a critical condition.

  Police spokesperson Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo said the incident was being investigated.

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