Man arrested in ‘movie style’ heist

Daveyton  – On Monday a 57-year-old man was arrested in a bizarre and extensive crime spree police said resembled a Hollywood movie.

  Police spokesperson Captain Ndivhuwo Mulamu said a cash van arrived at a petrol station in Daveyton to collect some money.

  “The driver remained in the vehicle, and while waiting the man approached the van. The driver warned him not to approach the van, but without any warning the man allegedly stabbed the driver on his back, and took off with three cash boxes. The other security members chased and shot the suspect,” Mulamu said.

  Despite being wounded, the man threatened the driver of a fully loaded taxi and hijacked it, forcing him to speed off, Mulamu said.

  “The suspect later got out of the taxi after realising that the cash boxes were empty. He fled on foot and hijacked another vehicle from a mechanic’s workshop. They could try to stop him; but he hopped from one car into another, chased by community members, until he was apprehended. We commend the community for assisting police in arresting the suspect. He was taken to hospital for the gunshot wound and was later discharged,” Mulamu said.

  The man has been charged with armed robbery, attempted murder and hijacking.

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