Liquor Forum urges responsible drinking

Johannesburg – The Gauteng Liquor Forum (GLF), which represents taverns in the province, has urged responsible consumption as lockdown regulations allowed the purchase of alcohol from Monday.

 GLF president Fanny Mokoena said members operate their businesses responsibly, and comply with the organisation’s code of conduct.

  “We call on customers to consume alcohol responsibly, and to report all alcohol-related lawlessness to the appropriate authorities,” Mokoena said.

  On Monday alcohol queues gathered outside liquor stores around the city as consumers sought to buy alcohol.

  “We call on the liquor industry to harness this spirit of collaboration and solidarity in the next phase, to ensure all our businesses are ready to start trading. It will be critical that all our members are properly trained in observing the appropriate health and safety protocols. It is up to all of us to heed the president’s call by taking responsibility; not only for our own health but also that of employees and customers. This includes observing key activities such as off-sales, limited hours of trade on limited trading days, and to operate under strict conditions, including observing social distancing, maintaining good hygiene, disinfecting and cleaning,” Mokoena said.

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