Keeping up to date in the workplace – keeping current

It is crucial to update your skills and knowledge base if you want to stay relevant in the workplace, find a job or be promoted to a better position,” says Natalie Rabson, Marketing Manager at Boston City Campus & Business College. “Technology changes so fast that everyone needs to continuously learn new things and stay up to date in order to stay relevant. This is true in all sectors of the economy and all areas of work. Life-long learning applies to each one of us, from IT specialists to motor mechanics, chefs to public relations officers and event managers.”
There are many study options available when it comes to updating your skills. Rabson believes that shorter qualifications such as skills courses should be investigated as they are regarded as valuable by employers. They provide immediate benefit to the workplace. This is especially significant seeing that the economy has once again hit a recession.
While the priority with shorter courses is skills acquisition, one should still check that the right government and/ or industry body accredits the course you’re interested in. Skills are valuable, but must also be based on industry accreditation. Boston was established nearly 30 years ago, bringing many years of experience in making sure students attend a top class institution that attends to the academic and work requirements of students. “The aim when studying is to update skills and knowledge, so there’s no point in studying skills or equipment that are too outdated and not being used anymore,” Rabson points out. “At Boston we pull out all the stops to keep contact with various industries, update course material, and introduce new courses regularly.”
According to Rabson, a wide range of study opportunities are available at Boston, as well as a range of course levels. Select from a degree, various diploma and higher certificates, or short learning programmes in careers such as IT, management, HR, accounting, marketing and more.
Lets discuss the Occupational programmes for a moment…..
These programmes speak to a set of attributes that a candidate possesses – for example: able to work in teams, able to solve problems, able to communicate professionally, etc.
They are uniquely designed to deal with a specific occupational and/or personal skills requirement – think of the needs for a bookkeeper or a sales agent or an office administrator or in IT to setup networks.
What types of industry do they cover?
• This list is also long – but the main functional areas are:
• IT, Accounting, HR, Sports, Admin, Tourism, etc
What types of employment do they qualify you for?
They open job opportunities to basic entry level positions, from where you can grow your skills set, your experience and your networking within a company. Such positions include:
• Cost or Payroll Clerks
• Credit or Loans Officer
• Sales Rep
• Administrative Officer
• DJ’s
• IT Security clerk to grow into a Specialist
• Small Business Manager/Owner
What is the potential for further higher education? Do you get credits towards higher education?
Our registrar says that according to regulations no credits may be granted, but with the recognition of prior learning – each applicant is evaluated on their own merits to determine possible entry and/or advanced placement on a suitable higher education qualification
One who wishes to avail themselves of this possibility should please apply at no cost online with Boston or visit one of our over 45 Support Centres nationwide to assist with an application for RPL for higher education
What is the length minimum and maximum of occupational courses?
One week to 9 months, depending on the nature and depth of the offerings and the student’s time on task.
For example two weeks for Word Processing and 6 months for an event planner

What is the recognition of these programmes in industry?
Recognition is widely acknowledged due in part to external accrediting bodies such as CompTIA which provide international certifications awarded for IT – i.e. Network+, Security+, on a global standard
Boston has been assisting students with upgrading of their skills for more than 30 years and have earned numerous accolades such as Best College for nine years running! – ensuring that our graduates in demand.

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