Keeping the Inner City clean

A passionate and dedicated leader in the community, Dean Dlwati believes that upholding the principles of reducing, recycling and re-using waste are crucial elements required to combat environmental issues that contribute to global warming.
In heeding Mayor Herman Mashaba’s call to action, Anglican members of St Mary’s Cathedral are playing an active role in the monthly A Re Sebetseng clean-up campaign in an effort to ensure that the City of Johannesburg is kept clean. The largest component of the campaign is focused on cleaning the city to position it as a job-creating investment city that residents can be proud to call home.
Currently, members of the cathedral are targeting Plein, Wanderers and De Villiers streets, which cover the precinct where the church is situated in.

Dean Dlwati cites travelling as one of the key factors that have motivated him to ensure that he keeps his surroundings clean.
“Since the inception of the campaign, we have been inspired to keep our surroundings clean and manage waste correctly.
“We need to always be the pride of the City, a place that is free of dirt and grime.” Over the past seven months, there has been a notable increase in services by Pikitup, which is yielding positive results throughout the inner city.

Education and awareness are key elements in creating long-term changes in attitudes about waste management necessary to achieve desired outcomes of sustainable patterns of production and consumption.
As part of the campaign, the St Mary’s Cathedral will embark on an education drive targeting reclaimers to teach them about the importance of cleaning their surroundings and to further ensure that the campaign is sustainable.

“In future, we hope to invite other Anglican churches with the hope of them implementing and expanding this initiative in their respective areas,” adds Dean Dlwati. It has become imperative for the City of Johannesburg to introduce community initiatives aimed at keeping the city clean and to encourage residents to take personal ownership of efforts to create healthy living environments.
The Political Head for Region F, MMC Reuben Masango, says: “We hope that other stakeholders will emulate the Anglican Church in becoming environmental ambassadors ​committed to the eradication of grime in the inner city.”

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