JMPD prioritises road safety

The Executive Mayor for the City of Johannesburg, the Chief of Police, Mr David Tembe, and the MMC for Safety, Cllr Michael Sun, conducted an inspection of impounded un-roadworthy, unlicensed and illegal vehicles which had been confiscated by the JMPD as part of Operation Buya Mthetho.
Initially, the impounding of the vehicles was met with resistance by taxi associations, who embarked on a strike aimed at countering JMPD’s efforts to enforce the rule of law in our city. The strike left hundreds of commuters stranded.
Mayor Mashaba spoke firmly against any intimidation and reckless behaviour conducted, saying “the City has not sought to specifically target any members of the taxi industry. Rather, the City is enforcing the rule of law for all road users in order to ensure the safety of all residents.”
The JMPD operation saw a total of 500 vehicles, taxis, bakkies and illegal dumper trucks being impounded since the commencement of Operation Buya Mthetho in February 2018. The vehicles were either un-roadworthy, unlicensed or illegal.
Mashaba said lawfulness and order was important to building a safe society, this also extended to public transport operators. He urged all commuters, transport business owners and motorists to co-operate with each other to ensure safer roads for all of us.

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