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JMPD effects over 20 000 arrests

Addressing members of the Council, dignitaries as well as the media, City of Johannesburg’s Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba said, criminal elements have no place in the City, hence the JMPD is out in force to eradicate crime and protect the City’s beloved law-abiding residents. In light of this, the Mayor was delighted to report that JMPD has completed the recruitment of 1500 additional Officers.

“These recruits are currently undergoing training so that they may join the fight to keep our communities safe. They are well-led by our new Chief of Police, Mr David Tembe, who is already proving to be an excellent leader in our law enforcement operations,” said Mashaba.

JMPD has effected over 20 000 arrests since the multi-party government came into office.

To date, 577 people have been arrested in connection with hijacked properties, including undocumented immigrants who must then be processed by the Department of Home Affairs. The unapologetic Mayor said this with confidence as he believes that these efforts contributed towards the enforcement of the rule of law in the City.

Due to the economic pull factor that the City has, many people, seek a better life in South Africa, and Johannesburg in particular.

“The reality of our City is, that many undocumented immigrants, are forced to live on the fringes of our society with limited protection afforded to them. From the City’s perspective, illegal immigration compounds serious challenges, not only for the provision of accommodation but also for the provision of other basic services as well,” the concerned Mayor said.

“I was struck by the utter lawlessness that had been allowed to take root in our City. Criminal syndicates had been allowed to carve up the City for their own notorious ends, terrorising our residents,” said Mashaba

The Mayor’s concerns have led to the launch of Operation ‘Buya Mthetho’ – which means Bring back the law. This led to the formation of a multi-disciplinary law enforcement unit that conducts raids throughout the City addressing violations of  by-laws, environmental health and building codes and the illegal consumption of services. The project has been successful as levels of lawlessness in the City have declined.

Operation Buya Mthetho has brought in a total of R341 million.

“We will continue to shift the pressure off our law-abiding citizens, and placing that pressure on these businesses who shamelessly steal water and electricity,” said Mashaba.

The K9 Narcotics Unit, which launched at the end of 2016, continues to grow from strength to strength. To date the unit has achieved 1 193 arrests, recovering 123 illegal firearms, 136 kilogrammes of drugs and over 1000 hijacked vehicles. The work of this unit has to focus on the major dealers and distributors of drugs in Johannesburg.

“It will continue to be the focus of this government that Johannesburg becomes a city too dangerous for criminals to operate in,” added Mashaba.


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