Its all about the ‘Boxer Experience’

Boxer Super stores recently opened its doors to the Yeoville community, with its 259th Store. Conveniently located along Raleigh street, shoppers have no need to go very far for a total shopping experience. Customers can choose from a range of meals and combos that are extremely well priced. The Boxer brand has shown its strengths in the retail industry, having opened the Yeoville branch, being preceded by the Jeppe branch earlier this year, as it caters for the inner – City consumers. It isn’t just about great quality and low prices, it’s about the ‘Boxer Experience’.
The store offers customers a top class shopping experience with a well lit interior and each department is colour coded and decorated.
General Manager for Boxer Superstores Inland Division – Philemon Ngcongwane, said, “Today we are marking our 259th store across the country. Boxer has brought its store here in Yeoville as part of its expansion, affording our dear customers – the opportunity of never paying more than the Boxer price. We are here to serve the community,” he said.
Ngcongwane revealed to the Inner City Gazette that Boxer Stores is one of the strong brands that is currently making major growth strides in the South African market. Some of the service departments customers can look forward to in-store include, daily fruit and veg – which sells fresh produce from the farm, a butchery as well as an in-store bakery. “We’re always keen to innovate where necessary,” Ngcongwane adds.
The stores’ opening success was evidenced by the customers who came in large numbers, as the Boxer Yeoville branch opened its doors on Tuesday at 7am. Customers were already queuing as early as 6.30am as they eagerly awaited for the in-store Specials.
As soon as the doors opened, a scramble ensued, customers could be seen rushing for trolleys and shopping baskets’ grabbing various products from the shelves – which were on special as well as other low priced products.
“We always strategically buy in advance so that our customers can save for longer periods when they buy their essentials in our stores. In addition, all merchandising and restocking is done by hand and staff members understand the importance of keeping the shelves full of products constantly. “Residents are assured that stock levels are enough to cater for everyone,” added Ngcongwane.
Much to the delight of many Yeoville residents, the establishment of the store has brought much relief after employing residents around the Yeoville community. Apart from creating employment residents are assured of major savings this festive season.
“I’m actually in ‘awe’ from what I experienced today. I came here after hearing about the store’s opening, the Boxer prices are actually competitive and within the reach of many underprivileged community members. Moreover, Boxer has employed our brothers and sisters, this is a good initiative,” said one of the residents.
In conclusion, Ngcongwane said, “Boxer is a store for the community, we are looking forward to providing the best customer service, rest assured they will never pay more than the Boxer Price.

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