Internet demand increases

Tech Reporter

Internet infrastructure has experienced significant growth in demand due to the increased amount of people confined to their homes, consequently working and shopping remotely due to the enforced precautionary measures.

Having most of our daily activities migrating to the digital space, Internet infrastructure is being strained by the sheer amount of users.

Around the world, e-commerce has been booming as many stores remain shut due to safety policies. 

Additionally, there has been a notable increase in subscription-based digital services, as out-of-home entertainment is no longer a viable option.

Internet service providers are extending data caps to meet the newfound reliance on the network.

However, some experts express uncertainty concerning Internet infrastructure’s ability to keep up with the rapidly growing demand.

Server Infrastructure & IP Management Solutions company, Heficed CEO Vincentas Grinius says the amount of time people are spending online, whether it be for work or leisure, has been immense.

“This is not surprising, considering all the restrictions that have been enforced. The demand for Internet servers has risen by at least 30%, and, based on how the current events are developing, the need to accommodate the reliance will only continue to grow,” he adds.

Current events have revealed how well businesses are prepared to accommodate a remote workforce. Business VPNs, which give workers direct access to their company’s system through a private network, have been overwhelmed by employee usage.

High-capacity VPNs are essential for companies seeking to continue their work, as organisations that are less equipped will eventually succumb to the increased load.

Adapting a highly developed network infrastructure can aid in handling the escalating use and help maintain operational stability. 

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