Inner City provides hope for addicts

Mayor Herman Mashaba and member of the Mayoral Committee MMC for Health and Social Development, Dr Mpho Phalatse, opened the Joubert Park Community-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Centre in Johannesburg Central.
The treatment centre is the fourth facility of this nature that is being launched by the City of Johannesburg.
In an effort to provide for an integrated and holistic focus on the wellbeing of communities, ensuring preventative as well as curative health services across all age groups, the City has a 24-hour Substance Abuse Crisis Line called iThemba, which is situated at 28 Harrison street, Marshalltown in central Johannesburg. The toll free service provides 24-hour access to professional assistance, tele-counselling services, containment of emotions and feelings, referrals to support services and home visits.
Residents are advised to work closely with Metro police to eradicate drug peddlers and those who make a living from manufacturing drugs.
MMC of Health and Safety said, “ I personally walked from Esselen Street Clinic to Joubert Park to determine the distance and i can assure you that the distance between the two facilities is less that 10 minutes’ walk.”
As she adds that the broader community will benefit for having a Community-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Centre along a busy transport corridor.
Outreach Foundation’s Johann Robyn said, “I am very excited about this clinic. I’m hoping it will take the load off our shoulders and help us with the intake. It’s an opportunity to share the responsibility with the government,” she said.
“It also broadens our challenge because now we need to get the community more involved. It’s important that the community becomes more involved and owns the process of helping the fight against substance abuse.”

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