Inner-City abuzz with activity

Johannesburg, Jo’burg, Jozi, Egoli, The City of Gold – all names given to the largest city in South Africa. Born out of dirt and stubbornness, its bustling streets and iconic skylines represent a world of opportunity.
It’s a city of dreams, Johannesburg is captivated by culture, history and grit. Undiluted and unadulterated, Johannesburg is Africa concentrated.
Travel into the beating heart of Johannesburg – discover the reward of determination. Explore the urban megacity which erupted from the earth amongst gold and greed. It’s not a city for sissies – like it’s fortune, Johannesburg favours the brave.
Kitcheners is located at 71 Juta Street, in the buzzing precinct of Braamfontein.
While officially the second oldest bar in Jo’burg, founded in 1906 – locals maintain its fundamental open door policy have afforded Kitcheners the title of ‘oldest open bar’.
The rustic styled venue serves cold beer to locals during the day and hosts progressive music events at night. This historical hotspot, located in heart of Braamfontein, services casual drinkers and late-night revellers alike.
A round of drinks won’t cost you more than a couple hundred rand. For specific events, the venue sometimes charges a nominal fee at the door. It stays open until 4 am, so don’t be shy.
The biggest and busiest public market in Jo’burg’s inner-city, the Braamfontein Neighbourgoods Market is a feast for the senses. Food, drink, and good music are on the menu every Saturday, Be sure to arrive with an appetite for culture and cocktails.
Arguably the site of greatest historical significance within Johannesburg, if not South Africa, Constitution Hill originally served as a prison and fort in 1892.
The monolithic structure has a dark past, responsible for imprisoning leading revolutionaries who fought against apartheid. So infamous was its role, the building has been referred to as the ‘The Robben Island of Johannesburg’.
In an act of reconciliation, the building was reformed to house the ‘flame of democracy’ both literally and figuratively. The old prison building is now the heart of South Africa’s constitution.
One the most vibrant and progressive areas of Johannesburg’s inner-city, the Maboneng Precinct, this urban sprawl is enveloped by the arts.
Creativity is the life-force behind Maboneng’s buzz, featuring restaurants, coffee shops, clothing boutiques, art galleries, and retail and studio spaces.
The regeneration of this previously derelict precinct is a testament to the progressive nature of Johannesburg. Maboneng is the Sotho word for ‘place of light’.

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