Infrastructural development a top priority in the City

As the City’s infrastructure decays, repairs and maintenance spend now stands at over 6% from the previous 2%.
The Municipality has undoubtedly made efforts to Improve Johannesburg’s road network, as it provides residents and the business community essential mobility to conduct their different activities with ease. In light of this, JRA has repaired 181 000 potholes across the City and resurfaced 520 kilometers of Jo burg’s roads.

“This represents the greatest achievement in this field of work compared to any other similar period. As part of the ‘No Join Policy’ implemented last year, 120 traffic signal intersections have been dug up and re-cabled to reduce their down time, arising from rain and electrical storms,” said Mashaba, City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor.

He further hailed the implementation of this policy at 120 of the busiest traffic intersections, as it reduced traffic light down time by 72%.

“It is critical that we expand this project in order to improve the movement along our road networks, and the experience of our road users. The reliable provision of electricity is a critical task faced by our government.
“To combat this, we have overseen the complete refurbishment of 39 sub-stations. We have also conducted to repairs and maintenance on 37 of our transformers,” Mashaba said.
In addition, the Mayor has shown his delight in the fact that, Joburg Water has succeeded in refurbishing 37 kilometres of the City’s water pipes, thus providing uninterrupted water services to affected communities.

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