Hillbrow, brace yourself! You’re about to Taste the Difference!!!

Pedros chicken has opened a branch at the heart of Hillbrow, Johannesburg. You don’t really know what chicken is supposed to taste like if you have never experienced the novel method of spicing that Pedros Chicken has on offer. You know your palette is well taken care of when you  have a choice between basting sauce or sprinkle on chicken, served with spicy chips, garlic rolls or jalapeno poppers. And that does not even begin to scratch the surface of what this restaurant has on offer.

  The clean and uncluttered approach to the store design is something that will catch your eye while relaxing you at the same time. Best believe, that is not an easy feat to accomplish. But the woody and earthy feel, given a fresh spin by trendy hues, warm lighting and inspiring design does the trick in an intricately exciting way. The ambiance created by the food and the design is delicately balanced by the big hearts of the staff members exuded on their beautiful smiles. 

Be careful, Pedros Chicken is addictive!

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